John Beames's A Comparative Grammar of Modern Aryan Languages of India PDF

By John Beames

Работа по сравнительной грамматике арийских языков Индии - панджаби, синдхи, гуджарати, хинди, ория, маратхи и бенгали. Каждый язык даётся своим алфавитом.
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In the example the friends, we are indicating this specific group of people. Possessive Adjectives 3 Possessive adjectives are based on subject pronouns and show ownership or relationship. I, you, he, she, it, we, you, and they are called personal pronouns. ” Possessive adjectives, as the following chart shows, are derived from these personal pronouns and express the idea of possession. With the exception of it, all of them relate to people. Possessive Adjectives Singular 1 my 2 your 3 his Plural 1 our 2 your 3 their 30 her its Examples: Anna is Lakewood is our pool.

Here are four action verbs. write eat love swim Direct objects need action verbs. Action verbs are verbs that express something that we do. Here are four sentences with direct objects. Each sentence is divided into two parts to illustrate the verb-object connection first, and then the subject-verb connection. 18 Verb-Object Subject (Noun) 1. Who or what 2. performs 3. the 4. action? Action Verb Receiving Object (Noun) writes a book. eats a hamburger. loves Susan. swims a lap. Building Block In each of the four examples, action verbs and their direct objects are shown.

A lap. 21 Identify people as direct objects using the question word Whom: To identify who is receiving the action, place the question word after the verb. Example: Ben loves Susan. Ben loves whom? Verb Question Word Identify inanimate things as direct objects with the question word What: To identify what is receiving the action, place the question word after the verb. Example: Charles writes a book. Charles writes what? Verb Question Word This section explained nouns used as direct objects. The next section introduces nouns as the object of a preposition.

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