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By A. J. Thomson

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The workouts can be utilized without or with the Grammar. They comprise a solution key.

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Directly can be used of time or connection: He'll be here directly, (very soon) The new regulations will affect us directly/indirectly. ) highly is used only in an abstract sense: He was a highly paid official. They spoke very highly of him. justly corresponds to the adjective just (fair, right, lawful), but just can also be an adverb of degree. ) lately = recently: Have you seen him lately? mostly = chiefly nearly = almost: I'm nearly ready. prettily corresponds to the adjective pretty (attractive): Her little girls are always prettily dressed.

We, they can be subjects of a verb: I see it. He knows you. They live here. or complements of the verb to be: It is I. Normally, however, we use the object forms here: Who is it? ~ It's me. Where's Tom? ~ That's him over there. But if the pronoun is followed by a clause, we use the subject forms: Blame Bill! It was he who chose this colour. b) me. him, her, us, them can be direct objects of a verb: I saw her. Tom likes them. or indirect objects: Bill found me a job. Ann gave him a book. ) or objects of a preposition: with him for her without them to us 66 The position of pronoun objects A An indirect object comes before a direct object: I made Ann/her a cake.

Neither/Nor have I. I had never before been asked to accept a bribe. Never before had I been asked to accept a bribe. They not only rob you, they smash everything too. Not only do they rob you, they smash everything too. 'He didn't realize that he had lost it till he got home. Not till he got home did he realize that he had lost it. This switch must not be touched on any account. On no account must this switch be touched. He was able to make himself heard only by shouting. Only by shouting was he able to make himself heard.

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