A South Efate Dictionary by Nick Theiberger PDF

By Nick Theiberger

ISBN-10: 1921775513

ISBN-13: 9781921775512

This dictionary has been the made from collaborative paintings with a few audio system of the language of South Efate, imperative Vanuatu. it really is a part of an ongoing undertaking that incorporates the recording of reports within the language, a range from that's produced as 'Natrauswen nig Efat.'

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Made from the cane of the same name. 3) constellation shaped like tongs, with Orion's belt the lower right side of the tongs. 51 nkis nkis excl. man! Term used to call out to someone. nkok n. tree sp. Java Cedar. Bischofia javanica. nkraful n. vine, nettle, which you brush and only notice has pricked you when you rub your skin or wash it. Dendrocnide spp. See: nkar. nkur n. 1) rake, small tree pulled up with roots which are used as a rake to level an oven before laplap is put in. 2) constellation of stars in the shape of the rake of the same name.

Naur n. island. nauren Also: naur. n_inposs. top of tree or plant. naures n. grater made by cleaning some coconut shell and wrapping it with wild cane. naus n. wild cane. See: ftok. naustap n. spear tip that has magic properties. Made from wildcane that has been sung over to make it work. Also made from the bones of special people (chiefs or those of naflak nmal). Even the slightest scratch from these bones will kill. nautin Also: naut. n_inposs. penis. naut puluk n. bullock's penis used as a cudgel.

Used for firewood. nkaspeltakot n. beam, crossbeam on the short end of a house. See: surnaot; npou; raus. nkasp! o n. tree sp. Big fruit, wood used as firewood. Dysoxylum gaudichaudianum. nkasp! o. n_inposs. throat. nkau n. croton. Red low bush, cough medicine. nkaukofua n. tree sp. Sterculia banksiana. nkem n. 1) plant, like cane, used for making baskets, trays. 2) tongs, made by bending a piece of wood, used for picking up cooking stones. Made from the cane of the same name. 3) constellation shaped like tongs, with Orion's belt the lower right side of the tongs.

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