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It is not simply one link in a chain of being which is separated from other links, but it interpenetrates other spiritual levels by reflecting their natures ~ l t h i nitself as they do its nature within themselves. The complex relationship which we observed between Intellect and Being was sufficient to show us how important this interpenetration is. ~ This reconciliation is, of course, only possible in Intellect because of the fact that it transcends both space and time, as this writer emphasizes.

Beienvaltes: 'Eine Reflexion zum Geist-Begriff des ProMos', A d i v fiir Geschichte der Philosofihie 43, 1961, p. ; A. Charles: 'Sur Ie caractkre intermediaire des math6matiques dam la pens& de Proklos', Abudes Philoso$hiques 22, 1967, pp. 69-80; A. Charles: 'Note sur l'dmrpov chez Plotin e t Proclus', Annales de la Faczcltk des Lettres et Sciefim Humaines d'Aix 43, 1967, pp. 147-161; S. Breton: PhiEosoplaie et m d ~ m a t i q u echez Prochs, Paris 1969, pp. 110-123; G. R. Morrow: Procks, A Commentary on the First Book of Euclid's Elements, translated with Introduction and Notes, Princeton 1970, pp.

131. En this important passage, the writer paraphrases and quotes several passages from Proclus' works including (i) (El. Th. 62. 16-17)d v r h a k r o v Ev iuur4j 7rl, a l r ~ u ~ hXvP O E U TE,&TCO: ]~, 8v 60 61 CAUSATION THE CIRCULAR MOTION OF POWER he paraphrases several of Proclus' own remarks about power, but fails to probe beneath the surface, and discuss the really crucial issue. We must discover, for example, in what way the terminology should not be viewed as involving any inconsistency, for we have already seen how Proclus' concept of existence is fundamentally dynamic, and so it would be very easy for him to shift from one way of speaking of the process to the other.

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