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By Patricia White

ISBN-10: 0759902836

ISBN-13: 9780759902831

Jane Murdock does not think in magic, wizards, or the other issues arcane, yet that does not cease her from working afoul a wizard and feeling the total brunt of the previous adage: Hell hath no fury like a wizard scorned. Will, an untried wizard, is simply attempting to take wizard-order brides again to his domestic global whilst he, too, unearths hassle can put on a gorgeous face. the difficulty may be very undesirable, for him and the brides, in particular whilst the beautiful face belongs to the evil, love-struck wizard Cordelia, who has been scorned by way of unicorn rancher, Max Farrel. Cursed and compelled to wander the worlds as a good silvery-eyed cat, Sojourner used to be a guy and a wizard, yet he can by no means regain his human form until eventually he unearths That Which used to be misplaced.

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Maggie cleared her throat, made a little gulping sound. "Will is still looking for brides, Ms. Murdock. us," she said softly. She looked at the floor, not at Jane, and blushing fire engine red, a burning red that brought little drops of sweat to her brow and upper lip. Her words were so completely unexpected that Jane was caught off guard, if only for a moment. "Me? Why on earth would you... " Despite her excellent secretarial skills, Maggie certainly wasn't listening to her boss' sputter of protest at that moment.

It makes you want to brush it back and... well, he isn't handsome exactly, but he is somebody that you can really trust. He's... " Jane considered herself a master at reading faces, voices, and what she heard in Maggie's gave her pause. The young woman was obviously enamored with Will, and that fact alone was enough to cause even more complications. The man was not only a phony, but if she was getting all the clues, he was also a bounder and a cad, a man who was intent on leading a whole group of young women astray.

Mentally, she ticked off the items that had no place in her real life. The slop jar, for used wash water, perched on the lower shelf in the rough wood washstand which was topped with a plain white pitcher and a basin to match. The lidded chamber pot, the so-called thunder mug of yore, under the edge of the iron bedstead. The soiled, and rather racy-looking, wrappers hanging on a row of wooden pegs beside the curtained doorway. The oil lamp, with a yellow flame burning inside its smoked glass globe, on a stand beside the bed.

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