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W e cite an example: " D e nostris annis augeat tibi Iuppiter annos! T e salvo salvi et securi sumus! Excubiis tuis salvi et securi sumus! ", Burian, Kaiserliche Akklamation p. 34. 1 3 0 For acclamations in a liturgical context, see Klauser, Akklamation col. 226f. For Sanctus as acclamation, see col. 230. 1 3 1 For the reduction o f the collegium o f the apostles during the restoration in 1588, see note 5. g. Matthew 19:28. Ihm, Programme p . 9 note 7. Ibid. p . 9 note 8. CKOUI' 47 I close connections between the apostle collegium and the church space i I sell'.

The striking similarities make it probable that both sarcophagi are from the same workshop. 105 106 107 With these common characteristics which separate them from the 11 niche sarcophagus, the sarcophagi point towards a new iconographical find „ hin, n f a C c l a m a t l ° u n S ' C e K l a U S e r ' Akklamation col. 232. Possibly we can T ° ° P° ° « * *«» Christ in the o f Concordius. C< m t R h E r S e n t a t i ° n f t H e t W a S t l e s d sarcophagus Sansom, Sarc. a porte di citta, catalogue n u m b e r 1 n 3-12 see lun T , d r C e C k *ZT t S a r k M • ^Gerke, e MMalerei f ' und Plastik p .

Dionysius, therefore, uses the term eternal light as the character of that G o d who is without beginning and without end. The eternity belongs also to the radiance which is without a beginning and which may therefore be des­ cribed as

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