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Дизайнерская фирма Alberto Pinto является одним из лидеров в области роскошного оформления интерьеров. Это парижское агентство со штатом в 50 человек пользуется авторитетом во всем мире благодаря разнообразным проектам оформления отелей, дорогих квартир, яхт и частных самолетов.

В книге отсканированы иллюстрации, 146 стр., текст отсутствует.

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Moreol1er, talte due accowat of the contemporary setting. I bal'e already remarked upon the fact that. id! an involved in a crucial yet irnplicit way. 17 Reference made to the ('lassical texts of Aristotle and other~ can ~enre as a way of showing one's colours and does not allow us to discount certain influences which are not explicitly acknowledged. In addition, Galen may have made contributions of his own-first advanced in his On Demonstration, and now applied to the issue of the psychic functions.

LO On the cluificuioa of what la unclear u an prindple or cxeaeais in 9te Man6ld (1994) 148 ff. a.. INTJlODUCTtON I be c~itc-d with a considerable depec of &nitie ii! with tht" <>rpnote as lttll as the subeequent tradition connected it. ll ~~ firs~ studi~ ~~totle's writings under a p~ related to as a pupil of Aspasius (Aff. 4. 15-17 De Boer). tS la fact. 2S-4; cf. H There may M a polemical edge invohed, namely that the Peripatetica. iocentric theory, are rdulled by meam af their own doctrines..

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