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By Margaret Weis

ISBN-10: 0786950668

ISBN-13: 9780786950669

The darkish Disciple's tale, now complete!

In this paperback variation of the concluding quantity of the darkish Disciple trilogy, Mina learns the reality approximately herself and the poor wisdom drives her insane. Rhys, the monk of Majere, observed by means of his puppy Atta and the kender Nightshade, is given the damaging task of guarding the crazed god, escorting her on an extended, unusual trip to the mysterious position often called Godshome, the place Mina hopes to discover the reply to the riddle of her lifestyles. Their course is fraught with peril, for the undead liked have the desire to make Mina their chief, while the demise knight Krell desires to grab her and Galdar attempts to convey Mina to her such a lot hated enemy.

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That war, extinguished three thousand years before, had somehow ignited once again, and was burning uncontrolled through the world. Kahlan feared to think of the central—if inadvertent—part she and Richard had played in making it possible. Jennsen leaned in, as if looking for some thread of hope. " Richard let out a tired sigh. " With a finger, Jennsen rolled a pebble around in a small circle, leaving a tiny rut in the dust. "All of those things about me being a pillar of Creation, being the break in the link of the gift, makes me feel somehow...

We have to learn how to build shelter. We balance the value of one thing against another and trade goods to exchange what we've made for what we need that others have made or grown or built or woven or hunted. "We balance what we need with what we know of the realities of the world. We balance what we want against our rational self-interest, not against fulfilling a momentary impulse, because we know that our long-term survival requires it. " "But people also act out of shortsighted selfishness, greed, and lust for power.

That journey had eventually brought them to be husband and wife seemed more astonishing than anything she would ever have dared dream. Women like her—Confessors—dared not dream of love. Because of Richard, she had dared and had gained it. Kahlan shuddered to think of the terrible times she had feared he was dead, or worse. There had been so many times she had ached to be with him, to simply feel his warm touch, or to even be granted the mercy of knowing he was safe. Jennsen glanced at Richard and Kahlan to see that neither took Cara's admonition as anything but fond heckling.

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