An Echo in Time: Atlantis (The Ancient Future, Book 2) by Traci Harding PDF

By Traci Harding

ISBN-10: 073044581X

ISBN-13: 9780730445814

The intense and bestselling trips of 1 lady all through time ... the slim stairway contained in the mountain resulted in a door that opened right into a large marble plateau. Upon this stood a stone circle of 9 of the most important hunks of polished crystal tory had ever noticeable. A turbulent cloud erupted overhead, its center alive with electromagnetic task. For 20 years the kingdoms of Prydyn, Dumnonia and Dalriada have prospered in peace below the information in their excessive King, Maelgwn of Gwynedd, and his stable Queen, tory. but if the excessive King is with insanity and a mysterious plague, Britain is decided to be thrown into the chaos of yesteryear. tory seeks the recommendation of a complicated civilisation that thrived lengthy sooner than recorded heritage, the place males of significant studying and miracles have been ample. the ladies of the Otherworld comply with reduction tory to make her passage again via time. yet as soon as in Atlantis, tory needs to use her personal units t locate the medication she seeks and how to go back to her household in the dead of night a while.

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But . . but . . supposing you knew when you were going to die? 舗 said Noral politely. 舗 said the wight. 舗 舖No! I mean . . you could avoid舒舗 舖I know what you mean. But we couldn舗t. It舗s hard to explain. Or easy to explain and hard to understand. We have to follow the Thread. The one Thread. 舗 said Snibril 舖I don舗t know. 舗 舖Can you tell me what舗s going to happen to me? To all of us? You know what舗s been happening already. 舗 The dark hood turned towards him. 舖It wouldn舗t. 舗 舖We need help,舗 said Snibril, in a frantic whisper.

Fray is some kind of force. There were people who used to know more, I think. There were old stories about old cities that suddenly vanished. Just legends, now. Oh, dear. So much gets forgotten. 舗 The little old tracks that ran everywhere in the Carpet did not go straight, like the road, but wound in and out of the hairs like serpents. Any traveller who walked them, and few did, rarely met anyone else. Yet the paths were never overgrown. The Dumii said that they had been made by Peloon, the god of journeys.

That舗s not medicine. That舗s just a way of keeping people amused while they舗re ill. 舗 舖You said that before,舗 said Snibril. 舗 舖Knowledge. Proper medicine. Books. Carpography. People get lazy. Empires, too. If you don舗t look after knowledge, it goes away. 舗 He threw down what looked like a belt, made up of seven different coloured squares, linked together with thongs. 舖That was made by wights. Go on . . 舗 舖I think I舗ve heard them mentioned . . 舗 said Snibril obediently. 舖You see? A tribe. In the old days.

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