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By Sydney M. Finegold, W. Lance George

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In about 1910, the disease a p p e a r e d in the United S t a t e s , and during the next few years increasing n u m b e r s of o u t b r e a k s w e r e r e p o r t e d , mainly from California. 8 A. Trevor Willis In the 5-year period from 1918 to 1922 M e y e r and Eddie (1965) recorded no fewer than 83 o u t b r e a k s which affected 297 p e r s o n s and caused 185 d e a t h s . In most of t h e s e episodes the implicated foods w e r e preserved or canned fruit and vegetables, and in 25 of t h e m the foods w e r e commercially c a n n e d ; the organisms involved w e r e mainly of types A and B .

Simple contamination of w o u n d s w a s a c o m m o n event, and it w a s 14 A. Trevor Willis noted that " t h e p r e s e n c e of CI. welchii or other toxigenic Clostridia in the w o u n d is not necessarily an indication of gas gangrene. T h e s e organisms are often p r e s e n t in the w o u n d s of patients not suffering from that d i s e a s e " (Medical R e s e a r c h Council, 1943). M a c L e n n a n further comm e n t e d that " t h e i r a b s e n c e from w a r w o u n d s is a matter of surprise rather than satisfaction; their p r e s e n c e , for resignation rather than a l a r m .

Finegold Aerobic or facultative forms (those forms capable of growth under either aerobic or anaerobic conditions) containing c y t o c h r o m e systems w e r e found to contain b o t h superoxide dismutase and catalase. , 1971). , 1971). Smith notes that while the production of superoxide in the p r e s e n c e of air and its inactivation by superoxide dismutase m a y b e important for m a n y a n a e r o b e s , it is not for all a n a e r o b e s . Eubacterium limosum and Clostridium oroticum form significant a m o u n t s of superoxide dismutase but cannot grow aerobically.

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