Animals and Public Health: Why Treating Animals Better is by Aysha Akhtar (auth.) PDF

By Aysha Akhtar (auth.)

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86 The story described one battered woman whose ability to escape her abusive partner and pick up the pieces of her life was greatly facilitated by the ability to keep her companion animal with her. When Rose Terry finally resolved to leave her abusive boyfriend, she knew she’d have to live in a shelter for a few weeks before she could Victims of Abuse: Making the Connection 39 start life anew. She had no reservations about that. But she anguished over Byron, the cat who had seen her through the awful times.

Nurse Margaret Sanger was a rebel in her time. 66 Since Sanger’s time, women’s and children’s rights campaigns have led to the prioritization of child health care, improved reproductive health care for women, access to family planning and the emergence of public health programs, such as the Women’s, Infants, and Children food service. 67 As these stigmas began to diminish, the promotion of mental health, in addition 20 Animals and Public Health to physical health, was incorporated for the first time into routine public health policy.

76 As stated by Stephen Leeder from the Menzies Centre for Health Policy in New South Wales, Australia, ‘the new public health makes considerable reference to sociological and anthropological insights and engages with the world of human behavior . . 77 As a result of these insights, physicians, nurses and public health practitioners have become an integral part and are, at times, at the forefront of social change. We now understand that how we interact with and treat each other, how we view others, how we share (or do not share) our resources, how we eat, how we work, how we play, how we shelter ourselves, how we think, how we govern ourselves, how we spend money and how we relate to our environment—in short, how we live—influence our health.

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Animals and Public Health: Why Treating Animals Better is Critical to Human Welfare by Aysha Akhtar (auth.)

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