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By Kendra Coulter

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Interweaving human-animal reports, exertions theories and learn, and feminist political economic system, Coulter develops a distinct research of the accomplishments, complexities, difficulties, and probabilities of multispecies and interspecies labor.

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This discussion is not intended to suggest that volunteer work is not helpful, laudable, or even essential, as some animal work spaces rely exclusively on unpaid workers and some animals are only alive because individuals have donated their time, often without fanfare, to provide care. Rather, the role of unpaid labor needs to be understood in context, and should not be seen as a replacement for paid work with animals. People need incomes to survive and maintain a decent quality of life. Indeed, millions of people still make a living—or struggle to do so—by working with/for animals.

Moreover, political economic factors influence how animals are treated. Clay McShane and Joel A. ” This is a finding of enduring and broader significance, one that I will revisit in later chapters. At the same time, pay and material conditions of work are not the only determinants of job satisfaction, nor is there a deterministic, causal relationship between pay and what people think. But the conditions of work are important and shape how people feel about DAILY WORK AND LABOR PROCESSES 29 themselves and their labor.

Miller observed and interviewed 90 stable workers/grooms, people whose daily work revolves around race horses in Britain. These are low-paid positions across countries, and of the workers interviewed by Miller, about 57 percent were men and 43 percent were women. Although a majority of the workers are men, for the reasons outlined above, particularly the low pay and caring requirements, this work could aptly be considered feminized. In countries like the United States, such work is also often racialized, and US citizens of Caribbean and Latin American descent, as well as migrant or undocumented workers from both regions are well-represented among the ranks of grooms and stable ñ Kline, staff in show jumping as well as racing stables (Castañeda, and Dickey 2010).

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