Animalwatching: A New Guide to the Animal World by Desmond Morris PDF

By Desmond Morris

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Cunningham and Hooker saw in Colenso the potential for a local botanical collector, and Hooker, in particular, carefully cultivated his relationship with Colenso, encouraging Colenso’s botanical activities as a collector while attempting to suppress his increasing appetite for the professional activity of describing species (Endersby 2008). Colenso took every opportunity to collect specimens during his extensive travels as part of his work for the church. In the early 1840s, Colenso began to train for ordination and married the daughter of another missionary, satisfying one of the requirements imposed by Bishop Selwyn.

Shea names, instead formed a new genus Mocoa. While the French naturalists and Gray worked largely independently in their home institutions, they visited collections in the other countries on several occasions. Gray visited the Paris Museum at least in 1826, 1832 and 1834 (Gunther 1975), while Bibron had visited London in 1838 and in several other years (Wheeler 1997; Bour 2012), and each had seen specimens labelled by the other. A handwritten catalogue of the Zoological Society’s herpetological collections, dating from 1838 (Wheeler 1997), gives only one source of reptile specimens from New Zealand: a collection presented by the New Zealand Association (the predecessor to Wakefield’s New Zealand Company), which operated between May 1837 and July 1838 (McLintock 1966; Burns 1989).

Balfour was a Scot who had come to New Zealand in 1862 to join the goldrush, but, meeting little success in this area, returned to an earlier career as a shepherd. Moving to Napier, he took over the lease of Kakariki station, unfortunately at a time of economic and social unrest. After taking on a succession of other station management positions, the 1880s depression saw him revert to working as a local council road inspector. Despite his humble range of jobs, Balfour was a learning enthusiast, accumulating an extensive library, and had particular interests in astronomy and botany (Brownlie 1993).

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