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By Amos Nur

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What if Troy used to be now not destroyed within the epic conflict immortalized through Homer? What if many mythical towns of the traditional international didn't meet their ends via conflict and conquest as archaeologists and historians think, yet in reality have been laid waste via a strength of nature so catastrophic that religions and legends describe it because the wrath of god? Apocalypse brings the most recent medical facts to endure on biblical debts, mythology, and the archaeological checklist to discover how historic and smooth earthquakes have formed history--and, for a few civilizations, possible heralded the tip of the world.

Archaeologists are knowledgeable to hunt human factors at the back of the ruins they research. due to this, the delicate clues that point out earthquake harm are usually neglected or perhaps missed. Amos Nur bridges the space that for too lengthy has separated archaeology and seismology. He examines tantalizing proof of earthquakes at the various world's most famed archaeological websites within the Mediterranean and in other places, together with Troy, Jericho, Knossos, Mycenae, Armageddon, Teotihuacán, and Petra. He unearths what the Bible, the Iliad , and different writings can let us know concerning the seismic calamities which could have rocked the traditional international. He even explores how earthquakes could have helped defend the useless Sea Scrolls. As Nur indicates, spotting earthquake harm within the shifted foundations and toppled arches of old ruins is key this day as the medical checklist of worldwide earthquake hazards continues to be incomplete. Apocalypse explains the place and why old earthquakes struck--and might strike again.

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An earthquake begins at a single point within the earth, where the two sides of a fault start to slip past each other, a location called the earthquake’s focus. The focus of even a shallow earthquake is several kilometers below the earth’s surface. As the earthquake progresses, more and more of the fault breaks loose and begins to slip. In large earthquakes, the area of the fault that finally slips may be huge, extending hundreds of kilometers laterally and tens of kilometers into the earth. The part of the fault that slips may or may not extend as far upward as the earth’s surface.

The Loma Prieta earthquake, centered in the Santa Cruz mountains, was no surprise to geophysicists, since it is well known that the entire California coast is subject to repeated major earthquakes along the San Andreas Fault zone. Yet, even those of us who should know better can become complacent, neglecting basic earthquakepreparedness measures like securing tall bookcases to the walls. 1 Photograph of my office at Stanford University, immediately after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. I was sitting in the chair indicated by the arrow when the earthquake struck; by diving under the desk until the shaking stopped, I escaped injury.

Amnon Ben Tor responded, “It is a nice story, a nice interpretation, a nice possibility. ” Of course, Ben Tor is correct in some sense. When pressed, few scientists will say that they are 100 percent certain of anything, and I am no exception. Certainly, geologists and archaeologists have this in common: they can rarely prove their hypotheses. In fact, Karl Popper, one of the twentieth century’s most influential philosophers of science, asserted that this is a litmus test for science itself, that there is no way to prove a scientific hypothesis true; we can only prove that an idea is false when it is contradicted by evidence.

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