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Many questions in animal biology require the facility to trace animal stream by utilizing multi-disciplinary and technological strategies. during the last decade, intrinsic chemical markers became specifically key within the examine of migration. reliable isotopes are a profitable instance of instrinic markers that experience yielded new and important insights into animal migration.

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The female lays two to three white eggs in a cup-shaped nest that is anchored to the fork of a branch with spider webs. Both the male and the female incubate the eggs for fifteen days. The young birds are fed by the parents for eleven to fifteen days, but stay nearby for another week. African paradise-flycatchers and people: Because of their striking beauty, African paradise-flycatchers are potential attractions for ecotourism. Conservation status: African paradise-flycatchers are quite common throughout Africa and their numbers are healthy.

What looks like a backward-bending knee on a bird is really its ankle. The bird’s knee is hidden high up inside its body feathers. Body temperature Birds are warm-blooded, which means their bodies stay at an even temperature no matter how warm or cold it is outside. They make their own heat from the food that they eat. Some birds cope with cold weather by growing extra feathers or a layer of fat, fluffing their feathers to trap more air, and huddling together with other birds. When birds can’t find enough food to keep warm, they fly to warmer places.

Humans now take the disappearance of birds from an area as a warning—there may be harmful poisons in the air or water. Many people are working hard to preserve natural places for birds and all wild animals. They are also having some success with fixing habitats that have been destroyed, but fixing them is much harder than preserving them in the first place. FOR MORE INFORMATION Books Johnson, Jinny. Children’s Guide to Birds. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1996. MacKay, Barry Kent. Bird Sounds. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 2001.

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