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This quantity examines using quotation formulae within the previous testomony. After demonstrating the inability of consensus and strategy within the therapy of such exegetical units, the writer addresses the necessity for a sustained exam of quotation formulae and comparable expressions. This inquiry specializes in the cautious id of the referents of quotation bases as a foundation for the examine of inner-biblical exegesis. extra insights are provided at the improvement of such exegetical units, the hermeneutics of the post-exilic neighborhood, and the syntax of comparative statements in Hebrew.

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J. Brill, 1985) 94. In his chapter on casus pendens, Muraoka treats only verbal clauses (94, n. 6) while a limited number of nominal clauses are treated under pronominal copula (67-77). Since the pronouns in the sentence structure of the regnal formulae are not copula but resumptive pronouns adjoined to different particles, Muraoka's study of casus pendens does not apply to our study of these formulae. Muraoka's research on Π3Π, however, does apply to our study and we will address this below. For the classic treatment of casus pendens, see S.

An analysis of these passages demonstrates that there are typically four elements which exist in a reference to "the rest of the deeds of a king". The four elements that comprise this citation formula are: 1. ", good or bad, of a given king; 2. a resumptive third person pronoun, separable or inseparable, with either the particle Π3Γ1 or a negative interrogative 3. the passive participle • , 3 ί 1Π3 ; and 4. the name of another corpus of literature. Since we are concerned with the proper identification of the referent of citation bases, we will concentrate on the first three elements of this four-part citation pattern.

33 A similar rewriting occurs in 2 Chr 26:22 but this passage does not entail a regnal source formula. 34 Japhet, 644. 35 There is no unanimity among scholars concerning the date of the composition of Esther. C. (see Clines, 272-73). Most recently, J. D. Levenson states, "when the book of Esther was written is unknown" (Esther: A Commentary, OTL [London: SCM Press Ltd, 1997] 25). C. (26). Dr. Stephanie Dalley has defended the view that the book was composed in the Achaemenid period ("The Mesopotamian Background to the Hebrew Book of Esther", Oxford Old Testament Seminar, 3 ii 1997).

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"As It Is Written" and Other Citation Formulae in the Old Testament: Their Use, Development, Syntax and Significance by Kevin L. Spawn

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