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By Detlef Mader

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The subordinate occurrence of gravel within the mainly sandy successions t e s t i fies both restricted to supply of coarse material from the source area and to limited periods of sufficient discharge rates to enable transport of these fractions. 1~2. 1. Sedimentary structures and depositional processes The sandstones which build up most of the f l u v i a l braidplain deposits in the Permian and Triassic of South Devon mainly originate as transverse bars and plane sheets on the bottom of channels of a moderately- to weakly-braided river system under conditions of high-intensity lower-flow regime and upper current energy.

5 m. For locality cf. Plate II/1. wards direction (cf. Plate I I / 6 ) . Areal surveys of thicker sandstone intercalations into the mudstones show several d i s t i n c t populations of beds with lateral persistence of some tens of metres, several hundreds of metres and a few kilometres, respectively. The sandstone beds which are thinning insidewards direction comprise both depositional lenses of sheet-type origin which are laid down in l a t e r a l l y declining thickness and erosional channels which cut with gently to moderately sloping margins into the mudstones and are i n f i l l e d by sand.

1. Coarse conglomerates The coarse conglomerates in the Budleigh Salterton Pebble Beds (cf. Plates II/2, II/5 and If/9) form in watercourses of a highly-braided river system consisting of numerous narrowly-spaced low-sinuosity channels that enclose only l i t t l e overbank wedges and which shift rapidly in lateral direction. The conglomerates are laid down as shallow longitudinal bars or sheets on the floor of the streams under conditions of high-energy discharge. Considerable r e l i e f in the source area, steep palaeoslope gradients and high precipitation rates favour supply of large amounts of coarse detritus along with finer material.

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