Derek A. Scott, Paul Rose's Atlas of Anatidae Populations in Africa and Western Eurasia PDF

By Derek A. Scott, Paul Rose

ISBN-10: 1900442094

ISBN-13: 9781900442091

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This paintings discusses for sixty three species the reason for handling the Anatidae of Africa and Western Eurasia at a flyway point. for every species, the main acceptable flyway barriers are mentioned and plotted on maps. Maps additionally exhibit all strength and genuine key-sites, and breeding levels for migratory species. Key-sites also are awarded in desk shape, with justification for all flyway inhabitants estimate and boundary alterations.

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For most species of Anatidae breeding at northern latitudes, the 1% criterion and the whole concept of ‘site protection’ is of only limited usefulness during the breeding season. g. in the case of some of the high Arctic breeding geese which nest semi-colonially, but in general, a broader environmental conservation approach will be required if the breeding populations are to be maintained. At more southerly latitudes, and especially in arid regions, wetland systems are often very large, relatively isolated from other comparable systems, and often extremely productive.

Movements: information on the movements of the species in Western Eurasia and Africa, as deduced from ringing and migration studies. This information has been taken from the existing published literature, and no attempt has been made to undertake any new analyses of ringing results. Population limits: a description of those ‘populations’ of the species which it is recommended should be treated as separate units for conservation purposes, with justification as far as possible on the basis of known movements of the species.

D) the site regularly supports 20,000 individuals from the population. (Relevant only to populations which number more than 2,000,000 individuals). e) the site regularly supports over 50 individuals (or 15 breeding pairs) of a globally threatened species. (Relevant only when this number is lower than the 1% level for the population). • The site is provisionally identified as a key site for a population if: a) the average of the peak counts exceeds 1% of the population, but the site has been counted in fewer than five years.

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Atlas of Anatidae Populations in Africa and Western Eurasia (Wetlands International Publication) by Derek A. Scott, Paul Rose

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