Atonement, Christology And The Trinity: Making Sense Of by Professor Vincent Brümmer PDF

By Professor Vincent Brümmer

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Introduces the doctrines of Atonement, Christology and the Trinity and proposes a reinterpretation within the gentle of the declare of many Christian mystics that final happiness is to be present in having fun with a loving fellowship of God.

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In order to understand how mystics like Bernard conceived of ultimate happiness, we need to explore the limits of this analogy between divine and human love. In the following sections of this chapter I discuss the relevant features of love relationships between human beings (next section), and the most important ways in which the love of God differs from human love and how this love can provide the anchor of our ultimate happiness (third section). Finally, I discuss the way in which human unhappiness results from the fact that we are estranged from God.

5 This Augustinian view on ultimate happiness is also reflected in the way in which Christian mystics like Bernard of Clairvaux understood the unio mystica, the mystic union with God that is the goal of the mystic’s life. The via mystica, the route along which the mystic seeks ultimate happiness, culminates in the enjoyment of a loving union with God. Mysticism is however not a uniform phenomenon and various mystics have held a variety of views on the nature of this mystic union with God6. Thus, for example, unitive mystics like Eckhard, Tauler and Suso who were influenced by Denis (the Areopagite) and the Neoplatonism of Plotinus, tended to interpret the unio mystica as a kind of ‘fusion’ in which the personal individuality of the mystic is eliminated.

Both his knowledge and his capacities were finite. To cap it all, his friends turned out to be fair-weather friends. The endorsement and recognition he received from them turned out to be finite too. The value bestowed on him as a person by the recognition of his friends seemed to evaporate. In the end he felt himself to be worthless in the eyes of everybody. Nobody cared about him, or would even grant him to fill his belly with the pods the pigs were eating. It is clear from this example that within the limits of our finite human existence, the happiness we are able to achieve will be no more than finite.

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