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By Richard Northcott

Рабочая тетрадь для начинающих изучать английский на тему Животные и их детеныши.

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They investigated the behavioral responses of intraguild prey toward their intraguild predator, and which cues elicit these 34 2 Plant Mites responses, in a system consisting of plant-inhabiting arthropods. Then they showed that N. cucumeris can avoid plants with O. laevigatus and thrips. This avoidance was triggered by volatile cues associated with the diet of O. , consumed thrips. This behavioral response is quite reasonable for N. cucumeris to avoid predation by the intraguild predator, O. laevigatus.

Even though I am not so familiar with stigmaeids, we have discovered that some species play important roles in nature as natural enemies of particular spider mite species as well as other phytophagous mites (Saito et al. 2008a; see Sect. 5). According to Lin and Zhang (2002), Tarsonemidae is a large family of mites present in many different habitats worldwide. Among them, some species occurring on plants are important pests of agricultural crops (Lin and Zhang 2002). We found one predator species, Tarsonemus praedatorius, which is the only reported tarsonemid predator of spider mites in Japan (Lin et al.

46 3 Diverse Microcosmos on Sasa Natural (20 eggs) 19 Eggs Leaf hair Leaf disc 18 No. of eggs eaten 16 14 12 Manipulated (20 eggs) 10 8 , Normal position 6 , Manipulated position. 4 Agistemus iburiensis Agistemus summersi Phytoseius tenuiformis Typhlodromus bambusae Neoseiulus womersleyi* Amblyseius orientalis Amblyseius sp1. 2 Predator species Fig. 8 Are oviposition and quiescence on tips of leaf hairs antipredatory behaviors? (Redrawing from Yanagida et al. 4 Do Compartment-Type Nests Have Antipredator Functions?

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