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By Ronne Randall

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In most cases, the adults will have regained their powers of flight a few days in advance of the six-week fledging period of the brood. Before the adults begin their wing molt, they lead their young from the nesting grounds and, with hundreds of other geese, move to large lakes several miles inland, where they will be well protected from terrestrial predators during the flightless period. Thus Khavik, Khanguk, and their brood of four wellgrown youngsters are approaching the time that they will al!

A n d d o w n at this spot will I lay the songs. I will fix a place yonder where I will devote (ntyself) t o waking you dance. " Nanabushu thereupon set to work making it, w i t h balsa71zs he made a stockade; at only such a height that it could not be taken at a leap was h o w high he made his dance-lodge. "It is n o w time for us t o begin dancing together. " T o be sure, the Goslings canze out of the water. "Harken! I will tell you h o w you are t o act. According as I sing, so do you w h e n you dance.

A slight breeze is blowing out of the southwest, across a hundred miles of ice, from the coastal mainland *y/ w/;@&&v- 4/,+// p3p; J':' . 6H' - -* A- 1 I 8 SONG OF THE NORTH WIND of Keewatin. Suddenly, below the scudding clouds, a string of birds appears, scattered across the sky like the beads of a broken necklace. Behind the first group come others, and more behind them. T h e y are the first geese of the year. In family groups of five to twenty birds, they pass steadily northeastward toward the Bay of God's Mercy.

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