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By Howard Sargeant

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This two-book sequence was once written in particular for English language newcomers and covers the entire uncomplicated grammar issues for rookies. includes transparent and concise reasons of the foundations and illustrates them with quite a few examples. The «Did You Know?» and «Grammar support» notes upload additional to the knowledge of simple grammar. those books will provide English language beginners a transparent figuring out of middle grammar abilities and support lay a robust starting place for reliable English. each one e-book comprises 150-pages plus of grammar examples and guide.

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Computers are very expensive. My mom is very tired today. My brother and I are upstairs. The teacher is tall. We are in our bedrooms. She is also pretty. You are my best friend. Our dog is black. You and David are my best friends. Here is a table to help you remember how to use is, am and are. singular plural first person I am we are second person you are you are third person he is she is it is they are they are they are N o t e s There are short ways of saying and writing am, is and are with pronouns.

The present progressive tense is also used to talk about things that are planned for the future. I am going to the library tomorrow. My sister is giving me her bike when she gets her new one. We can’t go to the movies tomorrow because my mom is working. We are having a barbecue on Sunday. All my friends are coming to my party next week. We’re taking my cousin to the zoo later today. 63 Exercise 8 Fill in the blank spaces with the present progressive tense of the verbs in parentheses. Try to use contractions such as I’m, she’s and they’re where you can.

These dolls belong to Kathleen. 8. I often walk to school with my dad. 9. My sister plays the piano very well. 10. Sarah sometimes reads in bed at night. Exercise 2 Fill in the blank spaces with the third person singular form of the verbs in parentheses. Example: Ali looks (look) sad today. 1. Sumiko (speak) English very well. 2. Mr. Kim (come) to school on his motorbike. 3. My neighbor’s dog (bark) very loudly. 4. My little brother always (brush) his teeth properly. 5. Dad is so tall that his head almost 6.

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