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By Isaac Kalimi, Peter J. Haas

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This quantity contains fifteen essays categorised in 3 significant sections.  a few of these essays elevate theoretical and methodological matters whereas others concentrate on particular topics.  The time span levels from past due biblical interval to the present.  the amount displays the present considered a few of the significant students within the box in quite a few shapes and contexts in addition to from numerous views: inner-biblical, qumranic, New testomony, a variety of rabbinic literature (targumic, midrashic, halachic, and Medieval kabalistic), and a few sleek interpretation. 
The essays displays the modern considered the various ultimate students within the box of biblical exegesis from various standpoints, circulation the biblical exegesis well past its traditional limits, and enhance the data and deeper the certainty of the readers.


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L. Klein, “Converse Translation: A Targumic Technique,” Biblica 57 (1976): 515–37 (525–26). ” In fact, showing respect to an elderly person is a mark of a decent society. In contrast, a corrupt society as well as a cruel enemy disrespects even aged people (Deut 28:50; Isa 3:5; Lam 4:16; 5:12). 37 This rendering is also reflected in other Aramaic translations, notably in Targum Neofiti and Targum Pseudo-Jonathan. However, this rendering nullifies the biblical ethic, according to which one should respect and rise before any aged person, and not only a Torah scholar.

7. Cf. Grelot, “Les Targums du Pentateuque,” 85–88. 8. Cf. M. Goshen-Gottstein, “The ‘Third Targum’ on Esther and Ms. Neofiti 1,” Biblica 56 (1975): 301–29. 1 36 Biblical Interpretation in Judaism and Christianity According to its translation of Gen 4:7 (one verse before that under discussion) it is man’s actions that determine his fate and the idea of freedom of choice is emphasized: ęğġ ēę ĔğĈ ÖĐġćĊ ċĕēęē đē ĞĈġĠĐČ ĐğġĠĐ ĖĐĊċ ċĕēęĈ đĐĊĈČę ĈĐďĐĐġ ĖĐć ćēċ ĈĎĐĕē ĖĐĈ ĐČēę ďĐēĠ ĐČċġ ġćČ ćĠĐĈ ćğĝĐĊ ċĐġČĠğ ġğĘĕ đĐĊĐĈČ ęĐĈğ ċćďĎ ćĈē ĐĒčĐĕē ĖĐĈČ Why, if you improve your deeds in this world it will be pardoned and remitted for you in the world to come… Indeed sin crouches at the gate of your heart; but I have placed in your hand control over the evil inclination, and you shall over it, whether for better or for worse.

1 KASHER The Palestinian Targums to Genesis 4:8 37 Sarah,11 Rachel,12 and Israel13). , the expansion of Gen 38:25: ċĐē ēĒġĐĕ ċĈ ēĒĐĕ ĠėĐćĊ ćġČēĒĕ…, “With the measure that a person measures is he [himself] measured”). Here, too, as in the Geniza Targum, the situation is complex: the theological argument attributed to Abel, according to which humanity is judged only in accordance with the principle of reward and punishment, is inconsistent with the Targum to other verses, whether in the Geniza Targum or in Neofiti.

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