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The Psalms are the easiest identified and most generally used prayer texts of the Bible. however the prayers of the Israelite took one other shape: the prose prayers that we discover embedded in biblical narrative. Prose prayer used to be spoken by means of individuals of all ranks. female and male, Israelite and foreigner, all loved equivalent entry to God. The pervasiveness and spontaneity of this prayer, self sufficient because it used to be of the constitution and taboos of formal worship, became it right into a criterion for sincerity either in relatives with God and in these between human beings.Greenberg unearths during this wealthy lifetime of deepest prayer a atmosphere for the excessive non secular ideas--and the scathing critique of worship--that characterised the "genius" of the prophets of the 8th and 9th centuries B.C. His compact and masterful learn, initially the 1981-1982 Taubman Lectures at Berkeley, indicates a proof for the remarkable democratization of worship in post-biblical Judaism.

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Page 38 Lecture 3 In the preceding lectures I have argued (1) that the prose prayers of the Bible, represented as extemporized by the laity, follow patterns, whose components arise naturally from the circumstances; and (2) that these patterns are similar to the representation of interhuman speech patterns in analogous circumstances, and that there is no reason to suspect the veridicality of the principle that the laity extemporized prayer on the analogy of social speech. " Before the attempt is made to say "what," current scholarly positions on this topic must be aired as the first step in explaining the length at which I have expounded it.

Practically speaking, the acknowledgment of folly includes renunciation, and is all the more powerful (as was Saul's), seeing that it is spoken by a king. " The Israelites said to YHWH: confession: We have sinned; renunciation: you may do to us whatever is good in your eyes, petition: only rescue us this day!  It is just at this point, we note, that God breaks in and gives vent to his vexation in a particularized bill of indictment. To this demonstration of the parallels between interhuman confession and confessionary prayer, we add, by way of concluding this stage of our inquiry, an inference drawn from a law.

But let justice flow like water And righteousness like a powerful stream. ): What do your many sacrifices mean to me, says YHWH?  . Your new moons and sabbaths I thoroughly hate; They are a burden to me; I cannot bear it. And when you spread your hands I will look away from you; Even if you pray much, I will not listen to you; Your hands are full of blood!

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