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By Todd Telander

ISBN-10: 1493002236

ISBN-13: 9781493002238

Falcon Pocket consultant: Birds of Prey is a box advisor to the fifty five birds of prey in North the United States. Anatomically right illustrations of the birds in flight and at the floor and certain descriptions approximately every one bird's trendy actual attributes and common habitat make it effortless to spot birds on your yard, favourite parks, and natural world components. Informative and lovely to peruse, this can be the fundamental source if you end up out within the box. Falcon Pocket courses are full-color, visually attractive, on-the-go publications for settling on crops and animals and studying approximately nature.

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The secondaries and tertials are very long, forming broad, deep wings when outstretched, and the tail is very short and broad. The adult is completely black except for a wide, white tail band, a thin, white terminal tail band, and pale, silvery bases on the underside of all flight feathers. The pale bill appears large because of the yellow cere and extensive facial skin, and the longish legs are bright yellow. Juveniles have several thin tail bands, streaked underparts, and whitish speckles on the outer wing.

Swallow-tailed Kites may flock together while feeding or during migration to and from their winter home in South America. The illustration shows an adult, perched and in flight. Hawks and Eagles HAWKS AND EAGLES White-tailed Kite, Elanus leucurus Family Accipitridae (Hawks, Eagles) Size: 15" Range: West Coast, Florida, Texas Habitat: Open grasslands with trees or thickets, roadsides Season: Year-round The White-tailed Kite, also known as the Black-shouldered Kite, is an elegant kite with long, pointed wings, a long tail, and a small, hooked bill.

It is a nocturnal bird, hunting during the night for small mammals, insects, or fish. Its voice is a series of hoots that gradually speed up in tempo. It can appear very similar to the Eastern Screech Owl, but their ranges do not usually overlap. The adult, perched and in flight, is illustrated. 5" Range: Central and eastern US Habitat: Wooded areas or parks, places where cavity-bearing trees exist Season: Year-round The Eastern Screech Owl is a small but big-headed, eared owl with a short tail and bright yellow eyes.

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