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But some atoms have electrons that are more loosely attached, and these so-called “free” electrons are able to move, or “flow,” between atoms of matter, creating a current of electricity. The promiscuous little electron charge is passed from atom to atom, the way children try to pass on “cooties” by tagging schoolmates (or siblings) they dislike. These unstable, or charged, atoms are called ions. An atom that gains electrons becomes negatively charged, whereas an atom that loses electrons becomes positively charged.

Wednesday and Pugsly were hardly the first to assume that heavier objects will fall faster than lighter ones. The notion dates back to Aristotle, and anyone who has dropped a rock and a piece of paper at the same time has observed that the rock will hit the ground first. But this is due not to how much either object weighs, but to friction caused by the presence of air. The air exerts more friction on Pubert than on the cannonball because the baby has more surface area. This slows Pubert’s fall, and the cannonball hits the ground first.

The son of a yeoman farmer in Lincolnshire, England, Newton was born in 1642 (the same year Galileo died), premature and so small that hardly anyone expected him to survive. His mother, Hannah, once said she could fit the baby Isaac into a quart pot. Like many scientists, he showed an early affinity for mechanics and mathematical problems. As a child he was enthralled by the construction of a new mill in the nearby town of Grantham. He studied the principles that governed the various gears, levers, and pulley wheels, and he built his own water mills and windmills.

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