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But maybe wild and bloody is a better way to describe it. I was on that trail once. I hated it and I hated myself, but I was stuck. Then came the miracle, and now I can give up the old ways if I want to. ” “That part I can understand. ” “If I back down to Barker, if I show yellow, then the miracle was for nothing. I won’t have that. I won’t have my life be worthless. ” Marshal Vale scratched his head this time. “Now you have cut the line and cast me adrift, son. ” Clay looked at him. “Maybe there is no getting away from the past.

He’s killed before? ” “Men like Harve Barker are above the law. They never do the deed themselves. They hire it done, and there is never any evidence they were involved. If I were you I would light a shuck. ” “That depends on your notion of worthwhile,” Clay said. Presently they came to the meadow. Wildflowers grew in profusion. Deputy Wiggins idly swatted at a bee and remarked, “I can’t wait to get back to Bluff City. ” Clay breathed deep of the scents of the flowers and the earth. At the top of the serpentine switchback they reined up.

I like you, son. ” Clay was smiling when he left the Emporium half an hour later. He bent his steps toward the outskirts of town, and his apartment. He made a point of glancing at every storefront window he passed, and had gone a couple of blocks when he spotted the three men who were following him. He did not let on that he knew they were there but continued strolling along as if he did not have a care in creation. The three held well back until the center of town, with its many streetlamps, was behind them, and Clay was passing through a quiet—and dark—neighborhood.

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