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By Rawdon Wyatt

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This workbook is designed to assist scholars learning for the FCE (First certificates Examination). This college of Cambridge examination is taken by means of over 250,000 humans around the globe each year and is likely one of the most well liked English Language instructing (ELT) tests. It contains a diversity of actions to assist scholars construct and enhance their English vocabulary, and it's appropriate for either self-study and school room use.

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Call the station and find _____ what time the train arrives. (discover) 11. As we grow _____ our priorities change. (change from being children to being adults) 12. Students can be quite creative with the reasons they give for not handing _____ their homework. (giving their teachers) 13. I think that learning English is quite difficult, and I often have problems keeping _____ _____ the others in my class. (work at the same speed as) 14. You haven't completed this cheque properly. You've left _____ the date.

Lucky her! Who did she inherit it from? Phrasal Verbs with Cut Replace the words and expressions in bold with a phrasal verb from the box. cut off • cut in • cut down on • cut in • cut off • cut out • cut back 1. We will have to spend less on staff costs at work if we're to continue operating as normal. 2. We are trying to get him to reduce the number of cigarettes he smokes each day. 3. We were in the middle of a telephone conversation when we were suddenly disconnected. 4. I wish you wouldn't interrupt while I'm telling a story.

1. a fuddy-duddy + / - 2. a pain in the neck 3. a gossip + / - 4. a troublemaker 5. a slob + / - + / - 8. a couch potato 10. a golden boy + / + / - 17. a sponger + / - + / - 12. a windbag 18. a bimbo 19. a jerk + / + / - + / - + / - 13. a busybody + / - 7. a wet blanket + / - 11. a high-flyer + / - 6. a layabout 9. a brick + / - 20. a moron + / - 14. the salt of the earth + / - 21. a stick-in-the-mud + / - 15. a slave driver + / - 22. the life and soul of the 16. an early bird + / - party + / - 52 For reference, see the Easier English Dictionary for Students (0 7475 6624 0) Task 1.

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