Get Closer to Home (Valdemar: Herald Spy, Book 1) PDF

By Mercedes Lackey

ISBN-10: 069815777X

ISBN-13: 9780698157774

Mags was an enslaved orphan residing a harsh lifestyles within the mines, till the King's personal usher in came upon his expertise and educated him as a undercover agent. Now a bring in in his personal correct, on the newly tested Heralds' Collegium, Mags has discovered a supportive relations, together with his significant other Dallen.

Although usually a usher in in his first 12 months of Whites will be despatched off on circuit, Mags is required with reference to domestic for his talents as a secret agent and his strong Mindspeech present. there's a mystery, treacherous plot in the royal court docket to break the Heralds. the location turns into dire after the lifetime of Mags' mentor, King's personal Nikolas, is imperiled. His daughter Amily is selected because the new King's personal, a sophisticated and hazardous task that's made extra so by means of this perilous time. Can Mags and Amily shop the court docket, the Heralds, and the Collegium itself?

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That was something of a surprise; kings and queens betrayed their innermost feelings when faced by two or three Aes Sedai, much less half a dozen; brutish savages surely should be trembling visibly by now. Perhaps that should have been almost no reaction. ” She had a sulky mouth, and wore her blouse unlaced to attract men’s eyes; that the Aiel chose one like her to lead showed how crude they were. “I want to see him, and have him see me, when he is defeated. ” The hint of eagerness in her voice made Katerine suppress a smile.

Of necessity Black sisters kept themselves hidden, even from each other. Their rare gatherings were held with faces covered 42 Prologue: The First Message and voices disguised. Before Galina, Katerine had known only two to recognize. Orders were left on her pillow, or in a pocket of her cloak, the ink ready to vanish if any hand but hers touched the paper. She had a secret place to leave messages, and dire orders not to try to see who came to take them. She had never disobeyed. There might be Black sisters among those following a day behind, but she had no way of knowing.

His dark hair was full and wavy—and quite definitely receding in front. His nose was a bit too long, his ears a touch too big. His whole face vaguely suggested softness. One day she would have to ask. The Southern Gate to what? Working her carved ivory fan, she eyed one of the gardeners’ . . constructs. It seemed to be three huge nude women wrestling desperately with gigantic serpents. “They are quite remarkable,” she said. One said what one must when coming as a beggar. “Yes. Yes, aren’t they?

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