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By Lars Svensson

"Collins poultry consultant" presents the entire details had to establish any species at any time of the 12 months, with certain textual content on measurement, habitat, variety, id and voice. Accompanying each species access is a distribution map and illustrations exhibiting the species in all of the significant plumages (male, girl, immature, in flight, at leisure, feeding).

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Juvenile: Like adult~ autumn but with less dark and distinct patch at lower cheek/upper ~eck and with shorter and blunter tertia Is and scapulars. ' VOICE Vocal. d has characteristic, far-carrying, nasal yodell ing, 'ow ow-owdelee, ow-owdelee', used both in display and during migration; chorus from flocks becomes pleasing song like distant bagpipes; also drawn-out wailing short version, ·a-gleh-ah', as if with falsetto 'skid' in the middle. Both sexes have nasal, low 'gak', often heard from migrating flocks.

IDENTIFICATION Like Greater Scaup {p. 32) but smaller (smaller even than aTufted Duck) and told by: crownpeaked at rear almost giving hint of crest like in ~ Tufted (Greater Scaup has smoothly rounded crown); wing-bar above white on 'arm'but brml'llislr-gr~r 011 primaries (all white on Greater; odd Lesser have more diffuse difference between brown and white); wulenring not as allwlrite as on Tufted and Greater, has darker bases to night-feathers; adult d has coarser dark rermiculation on back and more purple than green sheen on head.

RJ eclipse variable depending on moult stage 1st-summer rJ ad. rJ STELLER'S EIDER forms tight flocks. 0'0' appear mostly white Eider is con· siderably larger long tertials short. dull brown tertiaIs h;ri~::hit~tUtlP'r~ roften concealed by Hank-feathers) 1st-summer rJ KM - 38 W ll 0 F 0 W L Common Scoter Melanitta nigra m(r)B5 I W3 L 44- 54 em, WS 70- 84 em. Breeds near lakes and rivers in boreal forests (upper coniferous, birch/willow) and close to tundra waters. largely on broad front over land at night, autumn migration dwrnal mainlyalong coasts and over sea.

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