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In part III the fields of direct colour terms (the first four categories) in biblical Hebrew and in MH will be compared in an achronistic manner. Following a summary of the conclusions of the main body of this study (IV), a final chapter (V) will present a few of the aspects relevant to the history of the unnatural, conscious process of renewal and invention of colour terminology in contemporary Hebrew, a process that relied heavily on the borrowing of biblical Hebrew, MH, and modern foreign terms.

If 'snow' (Isa. 1:18) and 'milk' (Gen. 49:12) are used for specifying 1^, then U^nn ... -ins / At>W» ... 1ST (Lam. 4:7) might function - within TT«» VV ~ 7 that particular comparative structure - as specifications of 15t>. 1hV to 13^ in Lam. 4:7). T d. - - TT The distributional potential of a secondary term is more restricted than that of a primary one: it is found in less varied types of syntagmatic relations and its linguistic contexts are restricted. plpl* defines VjO (Lev. lin in \nin plpl* (Ps.

Place names (|7lU) ^ru). b. TD3h, CPS3). CPif3) these words preserve a colour reference derived from a term which might have once been a colour term in Hebrew or in a cognate language, but which does not function as such in biblical Hebrew. c. Terms for metals and precious stones (D^TN, flp'ia, finoa). Strictly speaking this is a sub-group of b; however, these lexemes are often borrowed from a source language into another as a result of the introduction of the object they name into a new society.

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