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Thoughts of house in Greek concept reviews historic Greek theories of actual house and position, specifically these of the classical and Hellenistic interval. those theories are defined essentially almost about the overall philosophical or methodological framework during which they took form. particular awareness is paid to the character and standing of the assets. introductory chapters take care of the interrelations among numerous strategies of area and with Greek spatial terminology (including case reports of the Eleatics, Democritus and Epicurus). the remainder chapters comprise distinctive experiences at the theories of house of Plato, Aristotle, the early Peripatetics and the Stoics.
The e-book is mainly precious for historians of old physics, yet can also be of curiosity to scholars of Aristotelian dialectic, historic metaphysics, doxography, and medieval and early sleek physics.

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D<; -rilv eau-rou xropav [... ] i£vat. Since, of course, the existence of a one-to-one correspondence between chora and 'space' and topos and 'place' is disproved if we find only one counterexample, this example, stemming from a philosophical context, should suffice to show the potential inadequacy of this kind of 'automatic' translations, at least in as far as we are concerned with the word chora. g. 16 In the case of topos the situation is somewhat more complex. As the term is usually applied in a relational setting,I7 it may accord- oe l3 Note that, strictly speaking, it contradicts rather than qualifies that previous contention.

In this respect Epicurus and the early Stoics were important innovators. 1 The next spatial term up for discussion, to kenon, differs in an important respect from both topos and chora. The latter two are 26 See below, 53-54. For a convenient expose of these matters see now Long/ Sedley (1987) I, 30. TOPOS, CH6RA, KENON: SOME CASE STUDIES 39 nouns, whereas to kenon is a substantivation of the adjective kenos ('empty'). In common Greek usage the word kenos only occurs as an adjective to form, in combination with a noun, expressions like KetV'f\crt xepcri ('with empty hands', Herodotus I, 73) or Kevac; 1t

The space occupied by a finite spherical cosmos) with a Euclidean geometry-which, as I believe, was the common view of many ancient Greek philosophers-and the modern conception of a finite space with a non-Euclidean geometry (apart from this, it may of course well be doubted whether there is such a thing as a Parmenidean conception of space in the first place, but that is not what interests us here). 3 Before we go on to survey some main kinds of concepts of place that have been defended throughout history, I shall first say something about the criteria that usually govern the choice between 'space' and 'place' as potential descriptions of ancient concepts.

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