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By Brian Schultz

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Designated in its style and content material, the "War Scroll (1QM)" provides a imaginative and prescient of an approaching eschatological conflict. even though initially interpreted as being the made from a unmarried writer from the Qumran Sect, the composition's inconsistencies quick ended in the view that it truly is actually an eclectic rfile with an complicated compositional heritage. but all such theories have been formulated ahead of the e-book of struggle Scroll-like texts from "Caves" four and eleven. A cautious second look of the struggle Scroll indicates as an alternative that what all started as a primitive and cohesive composition from the Hellenistic interval a few two-stage conquest of the area used to be ultimately up-to-date so that it will healthy the hot old realities confronted via the sectarians below Roman rule.

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23 B: frg. 24 C: frgs. 1-8 C: frg. 9 Baillet, Qumran Grotte 4 frg. 8 frg. 9 frg. 10, col. i frg. 10, col. ii frg. 11, col. ii frg. 22 frg. 11, col. ii frg. 13 frg. 14:5-10 frg. 15 frg. 18 frg. 24 frg. 25 frg. 26 frg. 27 frg. 28 frg. 31 frg. 32 frg. 33 frg. 35 frg. 1 frg. 3 frg. 2 frg. 4 frg. 5 frg. 6 frg. 7 frg. 16 frg. 17 frg. 19 frg. 20 frg. 21 frg. 23 frg. 11, col. i frg. 31 In due fairness to Baillet, he had already noted the unique character of 4Q491 frgs. 32 Today, it is assumed that both are from the same hymn, referred to as Self-Glorification Hymn b (4Q491C).

67 Only the first three fragments are believed to emanate ———— 63 See page 352 and following for additional evidence as to why 4Q285 and 11Q14 are not copies of M, but represent a different composition altogether. amah (4QBM). amah,” 232, n. 1. 65 Esther Eshel and Hanan Eshel, “471. 4QWar Scroll-Like Text B,” in Qumran Cave 4 XXVI - Cryptic Texts and Miscellanea, Part 1, Stephen J. , DJD XXXVI (Oxford: Clarendon, 2000), 439. 66 Esther Eshel and Menahem Kister, “A Polemical Qumran Fragment,” JJS 43 (1992): 277–81; Esther Eshel and Menahem Kister, “471a.

Parry and Stephen D. Ricks (Leiden: Brill, 1996), 44–53; Scribal Practices and Approaches, 179–87. 1. 1. Yadin: a single tier of sense division Yadin, in his seminal commentary on M, claimed that the two methods really only reflected one type of unit delimitation. 14 However, even he noted two exceptions to this rule: both 4:5 and 17:9 extend past the middle of the column width, yet the next section is begun on the very next line. To these could be added 12:16 and possibly 15:3. 15 Obviously for Yadin, these exceptions were not reason enough to invalidate his opinion.

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