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They are useless as ransom and will not make good slaves. execute them. the knights templar and hospitaller were put to death. Then guy of lusignan and raynald of Chatillon were brought in. saladin graciously offered guy a cool cup of water. slurp slurp it was a sign of his mercy. 29 guy passed the cup to raynald who drank deeply, watched intently by saladin. i did not offer the cup to you, who has broken every oath you ever made to us. by attacking saladin’s caravans from his fortress in kerak, raynald had broken the truce and had started the war.

He had beaten Saladin at every military engagement, but Richard, who had been troubled by sickness all through the campaign, Richard I bids farewell to the Holy Land. suddenly got very sick indeed. In a show of respect between kings, Saladin had fresh fruits and ice delivered to Richard’s bedside and the two enemies began peace talks. Richard was willing to exchange Ascalon (an Egyptian fortress) for money, and to leave Jerusalem alone if the crusader states could be reestablished along the coast.

The port was the crusaders’ gateway to the holy land. if it fell it would greatly strengthen saladin’s position. the wall— it’s crashing! god is great! sh oo o sw rumble ak a a e r c 33 the dust cleared to reveal a gap plugged with christian lances. the muslim attackers reloaded their mangonels and trebuchets. heeave! 34 phwoosh creeeak fire! d nnnnr rr! the defenders of jaffa were powerless against the great siege engines. kroom 35 saladin’s men broke into the city and ran amok. stop the men from looting.

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