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By James Patterson

Daniel X is on an most unlikely project: to dispose of each intergalactic felony at the face of the Earth. utilizing his great superpower to create items out of skinny air, he is taken on essentially the most fearsome and fiendish extraterrestrial beings within the universe, and now he is aiming to extinguish his subsequent goal: the explosive demon of fir, Phosphorius Beta, and his military of flame-weaving henchmen.

But it will take an entire new point of mojo to spoil this villain. Beta's power has been turning out to be for the reason that he arrived in the world over a millennium in the past, and he is ultimately able to flip the blue planet into his personal fiery wilderness. the one technique to cease him is by way of leaping again in time to the darkish a long time to finish Beta's blistering reign prior to it has an opportunity to start. yet can Daniel X take the warmth? Or will the alien hunter ultimately get burned?

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You'll have to figure that one out yourself. Just remember, if you want to play with fire you have to accept the consequences. You will get burned. " I nodded. I could take getting burned if it meant keeping my friends safe. She gave a wry smile. "Daniel, you're quite the Alien Hunter already, but I don't know if you're ready for Beta. Your father and I met him once. Think of a million or so angry, hungry wolves--on fire. " And on that scary note--she was gone again. Chapter 13 I BARELY SLEPT all night.

Sorry, ma'am, we're just doing a school report on--" "Something wrong with your hearing, sonny? I said get out! " We blinked our way back out into the sunlight a few paces from the workshop. "Well, that seemed promising," remarked Emma. " I shrugged. "Dunno. " I hated to admit it, but I wasn't sure exactly what we were looking for. Ashes? Burn marks? Overdone steaks? This may not be what you want to hear from the Alien-Hunter-slash-Guardian-of-Earth, but sometimes it's the bad guys who find me.

And then came another totally creepy thought: The driver wasn't actually driving. She was part of the alien, one of its organs. She was the bait. Chapter 4 SHE--IT, I should say--saw my look of understanding and horror. " It cackled nastily. "Just be thankful that you'll all be dead before you're digested. " The old woman's body began to transform now, melting away into her seat. Meanwhile, a bulbous tentacle tightened around my mouth, and the interior of the van seemed to be shrinking. I blinked, desperately trying to clear my mind and find a quick solution.

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