Anton Strout's Dead Matter (Simon Canderous, Book 3) PDF

By Anton Strout

ISBN-10: 1101180536

ISBN-13: 9781101180532

Shaking up the spirits of big apple

The spirit population of ny doesn't savour its richly deserved RIP being disturbed, and division of awesome Affairs Agent Simon Canderous is shipped in to do harm regulate. in the meantime, his traveling associate, Connor Christos, is in a sorry kingdom, and he tells Simon that every evening he's being haunted by way of visions of his long-lost brother at his window. Simon is concerned that his companion could be going crazy-or worse, perhaps he's not...

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About 20 feet ahead, the PCs can see that their path is blocked by foliage. Black, twisting vines hang in the tunnel ahead of them. The PCs will not be able to see more than five feet into the vines. While the vines appear ordinary (though their odor is repulsive), the floor throughout this low tunnel is littered with the bones of animals, humanoids, and jermlaine. The vines hang limply overhead, growing strangelv despite the lack of natural light vine-filled cave, the first person into the tunnel will be attacked by the strangleweed (see “New Monsters’’ in the appendix following this adventure for a more detailed description).

These are all preserved on a wooden plaque, with each victim’s name carved below his skull. Of this collection, four skulls appear to be elven, three are dwarven, one 40 appears to be giantish, and the remaining seven are human. Five blank plaques also hang on the wall below the “occupied” plaques, awaiting tenants. All the plaques have suffered from the effects of moisture and are cracked and rotted. The skulls are in fair condition, some displaying the wounds that caused them to be here. This bedroom also contains three stuffed chairs, a small writing table and wooden chair, and a night table.

These assaults will surround the Temple on all sides. The Falcon has created a n excellent battle plan, but her plan will suffer as a result of the secret preparations made by the Temple (described in Chapter 6). While They Sleep The attack should take place after midnight or in the wee hours of the morning. The Falcon will assume that this will offer her the best chance of surprise. She would be correct, were it not for the R m ple’s early warning systems. The DM should announce the assault as he sees fit.

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