Massimo Pigliucci's Denying Evolution: Creationism, Scientism, and the Nature of PDF

By Massimo Pigliucci

ISBN-10: 0878936599

ISBN-13: 9780878936595

Denying Evolution goals at taking a clean examine the evolution–creation controversy. It offers a very "balanced" remedy, now not within the feel of treating creationism as a valid clinical thought (it demonstrably is not), yet within the feel of dividing the blame for the talk both among creationists and scientists—the former for subscribing to numerous varieties of anti-intellectualism, the latter for discounting technological know-how schooling and featuring technological know-how as scientism to the general public and the media. The significant a part of the booklet makes a speciality of a sequence of creationist fallacies (aimed at displaying mistakes of notion, no longer at deriding) and of blunders via scientists and technological know-how educators. The final a part of the booklet discusses long term ideas to the matter, from larger technology instructing in any respect degrees to the need of frequent realizing of ways the mind works and why humans have problems with serious considering.

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