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A dramatic tackle added at the verge of Israels access into the land of Canaan, Deuteronomy has been defined as a publication "on the boundary." Ted Woods expounds its all-encompassing imaginative and prescient and indicates how the Israelites have been exhorted to make its phrases the interpreter in their life's tale in the land "beyond the Jordan." This thoroughly new quantity replaces the former editon of Deuteronomy within the Tyndale observation sequence written through J. A. Thompson.

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17 - 26) or in the Ancient Near Eastern world. In support of his theory, McBride (1987: 239) finds a five-part structure to the laws of chapters 12 - 26, with 11:14 - 18:22 providing the constitutional centre. A more standard outline (also followed by this commentary) follows only three superscriptions (1: l; 4:44; 29:l ) , isolating the book into three major speeches of Moses: 1:1 - 4:43 4:44 - 28:68 Historical review followed by exhortation The heart of covenant faith, followed by exhortation to covenant loyalty, law, covenant renewal, blessings and curses Recapitulation of the covenant demand This is then followed by a kind of epilogue (31:1 - 34:12), including Joshua's commissioning, the Song and Blessing of Moses, and Moses' death.

Do not turn)'Our ryes to mryone else' (A1\/ET, pp. 203 -205). This comes close to the first commandment: You shall have no othergods before me (5:7), and its follow­ up at 6:4-5 with the Shema, all within the general stipulations section of Deuteronomy (4:r - r r :32). (4) The document clause makes provision for the treaty to be written down and stored in a sanctuary, and then read publicly at regular intervals to remind the vassal o f his obligations (27: r-26; 3 r :9-1 3 , 24-29). But its presence is unclear in several Hittite treaty texts (see fn.

McCarthy ( 1 9 8 r: 66, 84) notes that the document clause (inscription/ reading/ deposition of tablet) may have been non-essential and therefore lacking in most of the Hittite treaties. 45 T I O :--; 1 :-; T R O D C C served as a polemic against the claim of the 'just laws' of ancient law codes and the boast of the kings who made them (see the Prologue and Epilogue of both the Lipit-Ishtar law code, A1VET, pp. l 59161, and especially the Code of Hammurabi 4:9-r o; 24: 1 -5, 26-31; Weinfeld l 99 l : 202).

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