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Fossils -- The tortuous street to fossilhood -- such a lot of fossils, so little time -- Fossils marking turning issues in life's evolution -- discovering and excavating fossils -- Fossils within the human kinfolk

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Rutherford knew that uranium ores were so common that the heat generated by radioactivity could account for much of the heat Don’t Wake Up Lord Kelvin! Joe D. Burchfield relates in his book Lord Kelvin and the Age of the Earth that Rutherford had a chance to announce his conclusions about the heat-generating powers of radioactive elements in 1904 at the Royal Institution in England. He knew that his discoveries would mean a revision in the age of the Earth. Lord Kelvin was an old man at that time, but still carried considerable prestige among scientists, and so Rutherford became a bit anxious when he found out that Lord Kelvin would be in the audience.

Important Fossil Sites Thousands of small, early dinosaurs died at what is now called Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, a site that reveals a glimpse of life as it was there more than 200 million years ago. Fine-grained limestones in Germany continue to produce highly detailed fossils of plants and animals from marine and land habitats. Limestones from Araripe Basin, Brazil yield fossil plants and insects, some amazing fish fossils, and, most recently, crocodiles, turtles, dinosaurs, and spectacular pterosaurs (flying reptiles).

He states in his book Basin and Range, “Numbers do not seem to work well with regard to deep time. ” The image deserves a closer look. 3 so Many Fossils, so little time Above is an example of angular unconformity at the Olympic Coast in the state of Washington, with sharply dipping vertical rock layers deposited during the Miocene Era underneath horizontally bedded gravel deposited during the Pleistocene Era. unconForMities: gliMpses oF deep tiMe The figure above shows a gash that exposes the rocks under the ground at the Olympic Coast in Washington State.

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