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This choice of essays examines the respective spiritual and social features of kings and prophets as they're offered within the biblical narratives. Biblical kingship is definitely proven to be a selected example of an historical and common institution--sacred monarchy--that was once the pivot of such a lot country agencies all through antiquity; prophetic authority is defined as a regular establishment of historical Hebrew society. the adaptation among monarchy and prophecy is radical, as the former implies a hereditary energy and is upheld by way of its topics who feed their kings with taxes, whereas the latter derives its authority from allegedly direct divine suggestion, and notwithstanding it's also economically based it isn't explicitly offered as being established upon systematic exploitation.Cristiano Grottanelli translates the increase of prophecy due to a trouble of monarchical constructions at the start of the Iron Age, and connects it to related phenomena attested in old Greek texts derived from an analogous problem. notwithstanding monarchy ultimately received the day within the historic Mediterranean in a brand new imperial shape, the recent literatures in Greek and Hebrew consonantic and alphabetic scripts formed nonmonarchic figures to which they attributed a number of the services formerly bearing on monarchy. those new literatures, produced by means of cultures that have been either hugely literate and arranged in accordance with nonmonarchical ideas, diverged greatly of their improvement and ultimate results. within the Hebrew culture, monolatry and an reliable canon of sacred writings have been the ultimate consequence; the prophetic precept was once therefore triumph over by way of a brand new ideological building, based upon encouraged scriptures instead of upon the impromptu performances of encouraged individuals. In utilizing the prophetic precept opposed to the monarchic, the canonical texts sarcastically formed their very own authority above that of residing prophets.

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Hezckiah (II Chronicles 31) As I stated above, besides David in II Samuel 6 and I Chronicles 16:3, there exists one other king who accumulates and redistributes cereals and other edible R E L I G I O U S IDEALS AND D I S T R I B U T I O N OF C E R E A L G R A I N S 39 goods in the Hebrew Bible. This is Hezekiah, king of Judah, who in II Chronicles 31:4-10 gathered together the tithes of the children of Israel and of Judah. "As soon as the order was promulgated, the Israelites brought, in great quantities, the best of their grain, wine, oil and honey, and all the produce of the fields; they gave a generous tithe of everything .

23 On the first day of that festival, Septerion or Stepterion, the Delphians celebrated "a representation of Apollo's fight with Python and of the flight to (the valley of) Tempe and pursuit that followed the battle": the feast included a ritual reenacting of the deed. A group of young men of the local aristocracy, led by the kouros amphithales, an adolescent both of whose parents were alive, entered suddenly upon a circular esplanade in the sanctuary of Apollo, put fire to a wooden construction similar to a theater scene representing a royal palace, overturned a table, and then fled and left Delphi to undergo a number of ritual ordeals: wandering, "serving," fasting, and total purification in the valley of Tempe, where Apollo had expiated the murder of Python during a whole Great Year or eight-year cycle.

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