Helen East's London Folk Tales PDF

By Helen East

ISBN-10: 0752461850

ISBN-13: 9780752461854

London—the maximum urban on the earth. tourists, investors, purchasers, beggars, squaddies, settlers, leaders, and workers have crossed paths the following, all languages and walks of existence jostling and mingling. thousand years of news are ready to be informed. this glorious assortment, that is as mild and darkish, quirky and various because the capital itself, brings those tales to existence by means of specialist storyteller and long term London resident Helen East. Drawing on oral background, folks resources, and written texts, she retells previous favorites like Dick Whittington along excellent new discoveries, reminiscent of royal rats, Saint Uncumber, ghosts and fateful fish. With 50 attractive illustrations, this publication will attraction and pleasure citizens and viewers alike.

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