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By Joachim J. M. S. Yeshaya

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Read Online or Download Medieval Hebrew Poetry in Muslim Egypt: The Secular Poetry of the Karaite Poet Moses Ben Abraham Dar'i: Karaite Texts and Studies Vol 3 PDF

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The Pore Caitif ’s clericism is allegorical, not literal. No argument can be drawn from the allegorical sense of Scripture, as legions of late medieval theologians were wont to say, and it was hardly an effective means of educational empowerment. Writing the scripture which is Jesus Christ on one’s heart will not create the level of actual literacy and book-learning necessary to achieve power and position whether secular or ecclesiastical. The Pore Caitif does not seek to subvert its readers’ general dependence on the Church and its ministers, or to offer any ‘autodidactic’ substitutes for their orthodox rites; only ordained priests possess the privileges of expounding holy Scripture both in public and in private, and of administering all the sacraments, the most sacred of which is the sacrament of the altar: metaphorical discourse concerning ‘a eucharistic act of eating’ is a very poor thing in comparison with the awesome priestly power of confecting the body and blood of Christ.

The marquis also possessed translations of two Latin commentaries on Dante, an anonymous translation of Pietro Alighieri’s commentary, and, commissioned from his physician, Mart´ın Gonz´alez de Lucena, a translation of parts of Benvenuto da Imola’s commentary. His library also included a Spanish translation of Pierre Bersuire’s Ovidius moralizatus and, almost certainly, the Biblia de osuna (a Spanish Bible moralis´e) and the Spanish translation of Old Testament prophetic and wisdom literature (Madrid, Biblioteca Nacional, MS ), along with two Latin Bibles and a concordance of the Latin text.

Jean de Vignai produced another translation of Vegetius during the reign of King John the Good, whose son, Charles V, patronized an exceptionally ambitious translation programme (as already noted), which included a new French rendering of the De regimine principum, by Jean Golein. Giles taught the theory of governance, Vegetius the art of chivalry (for so De re militari was regarded). Boethius’s secular philosophy was also popular, particularly since the Consolation was enlivened not only by rich mythography but also by narratives of kings versus philosophers.

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