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Oxford fundamentals are brief, easy-to-use books according to communicative technique. they supply principles for academics and assistance on tips to deal with daily lecture room events.

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A Only a bit, but the leavesare a lovelygoldencolour. g. absolutelyfreezing and spring's comingsoonin conversation1. Tell the classto work in pairs and write two more dialoguesfor two of their seasons. When they are readythe pairs can read their dialoguesto the classand askthem to guessthe season. =oilow-upactivity The classcan write a description of their favourite seasonand the things they like to do. 47 22 Healthandfitness LANGUAGE Words and phrasesconnectedwith health cuLruRE Focus Health around-theworld ACTrvrrrES Discussion,grading MATERIALS None rIME GUrDE 45 minutes- t hour pREpARArroN Think of ideasfor the categoriesin stageI Look at the list in stage2 and think of reasonsfor the order of the countries LEvEL Lowerintermediate 7.

Thk park is in mainly wetlandsand swamps. This park is mainly desert. This park isfamousfor its wide variety of birdlife. This park is near Las Vegas. (GC) (E) (GC) (E) (E) (GC) (E) (GC) When you have finished reading the sentences,give the classtime to talk about their answersin pairs, then go through the answers together. 3 tr@lorv-upactivity Ask the classto write down the names of some parks in their country and make some sentencesabout them. When they have all written somethingask individual learnersto read out their sentencesand the classto guesswhich park they are describing.

Card 3 The Tweedie a river in the eouth of )cotland. Tweedio a rouqh woollencloth whichia ueed for makin7jacketa, auita, and coate. Thecolour of the cloth ia uauallymixed, The personwith the card should read it out to rest of the group, who write the text down. When all the groups are readymix the groups so that everyoneis working with people from the other two groups. When all the groups have finished, ask each group to explain any siinilarities or differencesthey have found. Discusswith the classany types of clothes that are still made traditionally in their country.

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