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The objective of this publication is twofold: it truly is intended to serve either as a pragmatic guide for the research of animal improvement and as a normal advent to the topic. principal to our en­ deavour is the idea that developmental biology is healthier taught and learnt on the laboratory bench, with specimens that are both alive and will be noticeable to advance or with clean fabric derived at once from the egg (as in birds) or mom (as in mammals). as soon as the dynamic nature of improvement is appreci­ ated and the general constitution of the constructing organism discerned the extra traditional examine of sections and full mounts is prone to turn into a satisfaction instead of a diffi­ cult, and sometimes meaningless, chore. we have now laid significant pressure at the early improvement of animal embryos and the ways that they are often got from a comparatively few, yet trustworthy, resources. furthermore, emphasis has been put on quite uncomplicated experiments which utilize the embryos and larvae selected for the aim of illustrating improve­ ment. Embryology ceased to be a descriptive technological know-how before everything of this century and any useful path, at what­ ever point, may still try and mirror this modification. it really is precise that the research of improvement, rather the genesis of chor­ date constitution, owed a lot to the discovery of the microtome.

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However, both Styela and Ascidiella are suitable experimentally and are useful for individual work of the project type. Descriptions of the species mentioned above may be found in Berrill, (1950), Millar (1970). A detailed account of work using Ciona intestinaZis follows, together with a shorter account of Dendrodoa grossularia. Ciona intestinalis This animal has thl( typical shape of a solitary sea squirt. The smooth, clean looking, transparent test distinguishes it from other common species, which although of similar size and shape, have a thicker and rougher covering.

Possessing ripe gonads. is obtained. The mature testis is yellowish white in colour and the ripe ovary is dark pink (the colour of the egg pigment). Contact with sea water will liberate both eggs and sperm. which should be examined under the microscope. 5 ml of egg suspension contained in a solid watch glass. After 5 to 10 minutes the mixture is diluted approximately tenfold with artificial sea water. Successful fertilization is indicated by the breakdown of the germinal vesicle of the egg after 10 to 15 minutes.

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