Pragmatic Encroachment, Religious Belief, and Practice - download pdf or read online

By A. Rizzieri

ISBN-10: 1137009411

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Attractive numerous contemporary and critical discussions within the mainstream epistemological literature surrounding 'pragmatic encroachment', the amount asks, among others, the query: Do the excessive stakes fascinated by accepting or rejecting trust in God bring up the criteria for wisdom that God exists?

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29. Pragmatic Encroachment, Religious Belief, and Practice the ground of that p. This subtlety is irrelevant to Nagle’s suggestions because on her view it is the realization that Hanna should pursue more evidence before settling on a belief that causes us to attribute wishful thinking or some other vicious process to her. Nagel interacts with DeRose’s original cases. Hence, it is Keith DeRose’s beliefs, and not our imaginary Hanna’s, that come under scrutiny in her article. For example, one often has the ability to defend one’s first-order beliefs, especially one’s inferred beliefs without even considering whether or not one knows those beliefs are true.

Furthermore, evidence is paradigmatically something that we use to defend or criticize a variety of propositions. On this paradigmatic usage of “evidence,” High Stakes and Religiously Significant Propositions 41 many typical cases of believing on the basis of testimony fail to qualify. We do not typically proceed through a chain of reasoning when forming beliefs on the basis of testimony, nor do we usually have occasion to note the testimonial source of our belief as a way of defending that belief.

Indeed, he is being held captive by violent criminals who have been sent to find and kill him. Fortunately for Joe, his captors do not know his true identity. ” More specifically, he should not reveal who he really is. Yet he clearly knows who he is. Is this a successful counterexample to KA? I do not think so. Given that Joe is being hunted, the rational thing for him to do is to conceal his identity. It is rational for him to conceal his identity precisely because he knows that he is Joe Captive.

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