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16 In response to a question about Bin Laden’s terror attacks, Yakan commented: “If we examine the ideology of al-Qaeda and Bin Laden in depth, we see that he has become completely convinced that the only way to curb the disease that is afflicting the Islamic world . . ” Then, answering the question as to whether he shared Bin Laden’s opinion, Yakan stated: It’s fine with me. I might have crushed the serpent’s head in a different way. I might have crushed it by means of the Islamic resistance in South Lebanon, by attacking Israel.

35 But this attitude made a little, if any, dent in the stormy dynamics sweeping Lebanon. Asad, for his part, continued his infamous divide and conquer strategy while trying to cultivate special relationships with some influential members of the country’s various communities. He cultivated a strong relationship with the Shi’a community, notably with Imam Musa al-Sadr, even at the expense of its traditional leadership, the Zu’ama. Admittedly, despite the fact that members of the Shi’a community had been active 26 R e l igion, N at ion a l i s m, a n d Pol i t ic s i n L e b a non in pan-Arab, leftist, and Palestinian groups and organizations, the community, broadly speaking until the second half of the 1970s, did not project the sociopolitical power commensurate with its growing number.

Th e C on f e s s ion a l S y s t e m 19 Lebanon in Nasser’s pan-Arab system. Remarking on the dire situation, Kamal Salibi wrote: When Syria relinquished her independent existence and united with Egypt in February 1958, the Lebanese Moslem enthusiasm for the union broke all bounds. 5 Before long, hostilities broke out as pro-Nasser supporters rebelled against President Chamoun and his supporters. Though the Sunni political establishment spearheaded the opposition and insurrection, Shi’a, Druze, and some Christian leadership were no less adamant about overthrowing Chamoun’s government.

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