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By Judith Kovacs, Christopher Rowland

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This ground-breaking statement at the Revelation to John (the Apocalypse) unearths its far-reaching effect on society and tradition, and its effect at the church throughout the a while.

  • Explores the far-reaching impact of the Apocalypse on society and tradition.
  • Shows the book's impression at the Christian church throughout the a while.
  • Looks at interpretations of the Apocalypse via theologians, starting from Augustine to overdue 20th century liberation theologians.
  • Considers the book's results on writers, artists, musicians, political figures, visionaries, and others, together with Dante, Hildegard of Bingen, Milton, Newton, the English Civil struggle radicals, Turner, Blake, Handel, and Franz Schmidt.
  • Provides entry to fabric no longer available in other places.
  • Will attract scholars and students throughout a variety of disciplines, in addition to to common readers.

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Nevertheless, it is good to remember that in the Apocalypse references to ancient persons and situations are refracted through the visionary imagination. Later visionaries who make use of the Apocalypse are attuned to something important in the text. Given the many references to visions in early Christian texts, it would be an excessively suspicious person who would deny that authentic visions lie behind some or all of these literary records. This is especially true of the Apocalypse itself. It is likely that actual visions, rather than literary artifice alone, have prompted the words we now read.

The popularity of apocalyptic ideas among groups such as the second-century prophetic movement called Montanism led to a growing suspicion of the book. Apocalypticism, with its urgent eschatological expectation and its critique of worldly power, was a thorn in the flesh of the wielders of ecclesiastical power in the centuries that followed, not least because it was a central component of Christian experience and self-definition from the very start (McGinn 1992). Questions about the book’s authorship are not confined to the modern period but go back to the early centuries of the Church, when anti-Montanist polemic led writers like Dionysius of Alexandria to question its apostolic origin.

Like many other interpreters, Tyconius viewed the final days of the world as a time of tribulation and persecution. It would be similar to what the Donatists were experiencing in Africa in his own days, which prefigured the end. When the time of the Antichrist’s revelation finally comes, his true adherents will be revealed. 6). Tyconius interprets the millennial kingdom of Rev 20 as referring to the time of the Church between the two advents of Christ. Thus Satan has already been bound, and the saints are already enthroned with Christ.

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