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By Eugene F Roop

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Believers Church Bible remark sequence name. In 3 of the Bible's so much compelling brief tales, Eugene F. Roop attracts consciousness to the precise narrative features of those awesome dramas. Such scrutiny opens new vistas of interpretation which can undergird the religion, existence, and neighborly family members of the church. As we input the realm of those struggles and occasions, we'll adventure within the tales sorrow and laughter, wish and loyalty, and God's mercy and style. 306 Pages.

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They become resident aliens. Resident aliens are always at considerable risk (Sasson, 1989:16). The frequent laws and admonitions in the biblical texts concerning sojourners or aliens call attention to their vulnerability in a social and economic system controlled by native residents. We should not picture the family’s move to Moab as a tempo- 30 Ruth 1:1-5 rary displacement. In keeping with their intention to remain, the two sons marry Moabite women. Sometime after settling in Moab (we are not told how long), Naomi’s husband, Elimelech, dies (1:3).

Naomi further reinforces her admonition with a hypothetical case. After stating directly that she is too old to have a man, Naomi imagines the quickest possible scenario for her to provide men for Orpah and Ruth to marry: “If I thought there was hope for me, And if I were to have a man tonight, And if I were to give birth to sons . ” (1:12, EFR) Naomi concludes with questions that are at least rhetorical and perhaps accusatory: “Would you then wait . . Would you then refrain . . ” (1:13). ” In a painful summary, Naomi finally gives voice to the complaint that lies hidden beneath her admonition to the two women: “The hand of the LORD has turned against me” (1:13; Sasson, 1989:27).

However far apart they may be in community position, Ruth points to an element of intimacy, thereby making that intimacy part of their relationship (2:13). The narrative pauses for a moment after the end of Ruth’s speech. Perhaps Boaz, like the reader, needs time to ponder their conversation. Apparently Boaz has acted to raise Ruth’s social place, bringing her more intentionally into his orbit (Sasson, 1989:54; Hubbard, 1988a: 173-4). At the noon meal, he invites Ruth to sit among his workers. In addition, he serves her, and even serves her more food than she can eat (2:14a).

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