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By Terry Goodkind

ISBN-10: 0795346123

ISBN-13: 9780795346125

Richard and Kahlan are ultimately married and having fun with their marriage ceremony evening again within the Spirit apartment within the Village of the dust humans. quickly, unexpected and unexplainable deaths start to take place, and Richard involves the belief that after Kahlan known as forth the Chimes that allows you to retailer him, they remained unfastened, inflicting havoc. Zedd sends Richard and Kahlan off to the Wizard's preserve in Aydindril to get a different bottle that encompasses a spell that would cease the chance. whereas en-route, Richard, Kahlan, and their Mord-Sith protector Cara are sidetracked into facing the folk of Anderith, who've a strong weapon of mass destruction referred to as the Dominie Dirtch. They locate that the management of Anderith needs to give up to the Imperial Order instead of give up to the D'Haran Empire. As Richard attempts his top to persuade the folks of Anderith of the risk the Imperial Order poses, he turns into firmly confident that the Chimes are unfastened.

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