Download e-book for kindle: The authenticity of faith in Kierkegaard's philosophy by Tamar Aylat-Yaguri, Jon Stewart

By Tamar Aylat-Yaguri, Jon Stewart

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While he heard the voice that ordered him to sacrifice his son, used to be Abraham deluded? whilst is religion purely a kind of self-deception? The existential problem of accomplishing and keeping religion is as tough at the present time as ever ahead of and maybe even extra so in a scientifically, technologically orientated tradition. religion can develop into inauthenticity as simply this present day as in Kierkegaard's period. This e-book offers Kierkegaard's illuminating responses to the existentially haunting questions of religion and authenticity

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If we grant all this, why should we think that Fear and Trembling is a guide to a stable conception of faith? Here are three answers. First, we are shown over and over what faith is not. This clears the board for what faith might be. Second, by rummaging through candidates that turn out not to pass muster, we get habituated to precisely the difficulty of faith, of tracking it and of living by it, through trial and error. The difficulty and temptations of the terrain are replicated, testing our acuity and resolve.

Sober scholarship? Hardly. A Serious Contribution to Philosophy or Theology? Perhaps it’s improvisational kitsch, but if not, the Postscript especially is surely the most comical para-philosophy ever. It belongs to no genre, is infinite in scope, and infinitely becoming. Let’s say that we’ve more or less established that Fear and Trembling is a text of diverse and indeterminate tonal register, genre, and authorship that 30 Chapter Four gives us not just Abraham on Moriah, but a mixed crew of faith’s exemplars.

The first is that we may make an effort to overcome our immediate desires not only with a moral intention but also for the sake of other natural ends. The soldier in the battlefield, for example, overcomes his fears in order to fight, but he might do that not only by the will to fulfill his moral duty but also because of the social pressure exerted on him, which is not a moral motivation (nor an expression of freedom) according to Kant. The second reason why the problem of ethical self-deception still prevails—and this is more relevant to our discussion—is because the opposition between natural self-love and morality simply does not always take place in actual life.

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